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Angel Coaching Session

Do you ever have feelings that are intense and don't seem rational? We all do. As we become more sensitive, past lives may affect us more profoundly. I have been trained to see past lives, and when we look in many cases, the new information will help to clear things up. Sometimes you may need grounding and a little help getting your chakras spinning correctly or cords cut.  I also specialize in working with the Archangels and guides. I have been trained in different energy healing modalities and bring this to the session as well. We will work with your higher self and any other persons in the situation to heal and clear emotions for a sense of peace and well-being. Each session is unique, and my team will work with your team to create blessings and abundance for the highest good of all involved. Angels will assist and keep the energy clear and safe with their Divine Guidance. This and more is included when you book a 30-minute session.  Let me be on your team to help your life become more of what you are wanting. After the session, you will be emailed instructions on how to continue moving forward.

These sessions are meant to go along with any professional medical or legal help you are getting. These sessions are not meant to be in place of any professional help. 

I look forward to working with you. 

Kim Caldwell 

Kim is not a licensed professional. If you need medical or legal help. Please consult 
a qualified professional.


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