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Angel Coaching Session

I have spent decades studying the Law of Attraction and Angelic Practices. I can tune into past lives to give perspective on any situations you need help with at this time. Book a 30-minute session and let me be on your team to help your life become more of what you are wanting.  We can also spend time on the phone doing EFT with breathwork if clearing of emotions is needed.  EFT was brought in by Gary Craig, and I discuss it and give a chart in my book, Activate Your Abundance if further study is desired. After we spend a 30-minute phone session discussing your goals, I will call specific angels to help and do angel candle magic on your behalf for enhanced results.
I look forward to working with you. 

Kim Caldwell 

Kim is not a licensed professional. If you need medical or legal help. Please consult 
a qualified professional.