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Mind Body and Spirit Book to enhance any healthy eating Program --Natural Teeth Healing Interviews with with Ramiel Nangel. Listen Below.

A Guide For Using Green Smoothies, Uplifted Thinking and Live Food to Enhance Your Life. One of the first books of its kind to combine nutrition for the body with nutrition for the mind. Understanding that as we move through time we can get more beautiful and glowing with a little knowledge.

Imagine refreshed meals, green ideas, and getting "that glow". 

In this book you will discover: 

-How to make quick and delicious nutrient packed green smoothies. -Simple foods at the grocery that will charge your body with energy and life. 

-Secrets to help you look and feel more attractive. -Power words you can use to feel better now. 

-How your thoughts affect your well-being. 

-A common drink that will rev up your metabolism, reduce your appetite, and protect your body with a large supply of antioxidants. 

-Tips to excellent colon health. 

-Tips for lifting your mood and attitude. 

-A technique that will make your skin look more youthful and radiant. 

-Inspiring testimonies from people just like you getting wonderful results. 

This easy to follow guide will give you tips for: -More confidence -Increased Energy -Weight Loss if needed 

Warning: Drinking green smoothies will make you feel energized, sexier, healthier, and in a better mood. 

Of course check with your health care provider before starting any diet or exercise program.

Click on picture to purchase your copy.
Click on picture to purchase your copy.

Heal Teeth Naturally Interviews with famous Teeth and Gums Expert Author Rameil Nangel.

Best foods and natural cures for teeth and gums. Listen to Part 1 with Ramiel Nangel below.

Second Interview with Ramiel Nangel. Learn more about curing tooth Decay Naturally. Here we discuss more choices for vegetarians.