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Click on The Michael Picture to the right to get your own audio.  I am so excited to introduce you to Archangel Michael! She/he is the Divine Archangel of Protection and Boundaries. In the Archangelology Series, she/he gifts Us with protection and Love from the heavenly dimensions. Archangel Michael infuses us with a Loving strength that surrounds us with Protective Energies. This function of Michael's tools for guidance helps us to feel safe. Also, Michael cuts cords, or attachments, on our behalf from people, places, or things that no longer serve us. Michael aids us in releasing attachments formed in unproductive relationships. As we call on and work with Michael, we can expect our relationships to shift for the better or dissolve if they are no longer for our highest good. Michael equips us with Energetic Barriers of Love and Light that shield us from what we do not want. She/he reminds us of the extent of Our power and allows us to take back responsibility for what is ours energetically. As in Michael assists in releasing baggage that is weighing us down. She/he does this all with the precision of a Samurai Light Master; Upgrading our innate abilities by building on beneficial energy practices we already possess. This Divine Knowledge may take some time to integrate, but the final result is well worth the wait. The culmination of your efforts comes to fruition in your transformation into a New Glorious Human aka Earth Angel. Michael helps to develop our imagination for the purpose of visualizing the people we love in a very safe place, thriving on their own. Releasing unproductive worrying can help center us and make us more peaceful beings. As you work with Michael, you can expect fundamental, positive shifts and feelings of peace and safety. Your experience with Michael is meant to be an interactive one, as you reacquaint yourself with this Divine Being and your power. Her/His guidance will help you shift your consciousness, making you a magnet for confidence, peace, and prosperity in new refreshed ways. Spending time with Archangels creates a heavenly life. The information I have put together is meant to work for your individualized wants and needs. It is not a prescribed set of general steps or rules, but rather it aims to help you in your particular journey and give you what you need to begin or grow in a mindset. You may read a sentence, a paragraph, or the whole book. It's just whatever you feel you need to embark on this Celestial journey to a more abundant life. There is no right or wrong way to use this tool. The only thing I recommend you keep in the forefront of your practice is to ensure you are enjoying the process. Meet one of the Archangels in the Archangelology Book and Audio Series that is here to help you at this time. If you call Archangel Michael, she/he will come, just as all of the Archangels will come to your assistance when beckoned.


Enlist the help of Archangel Michael to help Law of Attraction work.

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