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“Release your fear

Your safe up here

In the Divine Cosmic Consciousness

With the Archangels.”

Archangel Orion

* * *

Archangel Orion is the angel of Expansion. She/He is helping us to move with grace and ease through the changes occurring in modern human consciousness. Orion serves to remind us to have faith and relax into any unpleasant emotional releases we are experiencing at the present moment. She/He emphasizes the importance of understanding that as we feel negative emotions, there is no reason to let fear take over our minds. She/he says that if we will relax and let negative emotions flow through us without attachment or making ourselves wrong, they will pass through easier. Orion helps us to facilitate these releases and upgrades with the Divine gift of sound healing by breaking up stuck and unwanted energies and emotions.

Melchizedek makes a guest appearance and presents some of the 72 Ancient God/dess words of power for powerful shifts and creations. These words paired with the Archangel energy are magical and transformative, especially when combined with meaningful intentions. Orion reminds us the necessity of releasing our fears because we are safe In the Divine Cosmic Consciousness with the Archangels. Adapting these mindsets will help shift your consciousness and make you a magnet for confidence, peace, and prosperity in new refreshed ways. There is no right or wrong way to use this tool. All these Divinely Intelligent Angelic Upgrades happen with grace and ease at the individual's comfortable pace. The only thing I recommend you keep in the forefront of your practice is to ensure you are enjoying the process. Meet the Archangels in the Archangelology Book and Audio Series that are here to help you at this time. If you call on Orion, she/he will come, just as all of the Archangels will come to your assistance when beckoned. Spending time with Archangels creates a heavenly life.

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