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Click on the Raphael Picture to the right to get your own audio. Raphael is here to shimmer love and light on your life. Raphael is the Archangel of Health and Abundance. These two fields go hand in hand because as we feel secure financially, it helps us to relax and have more well-being. This balance is a process and a journey.

Raphael serves to remind us of the vast abundance that we already have in our lives. She/he speaks of the Earths constant gifts to us and the Sun's eternal radiating love and warmth. There are guest appearances by the Goddess of Abundance Lakshmi, Mother Earth Gaia, and the Mother Mary to do Divine Feminine healing work on us. Father Sun brings the Masculine Divine energies along with Master Hilarion who helps clear and heal poverty consciousness on all our timelines past, present, and future, helping us to anchor in prosperity for our future. These Divine Beings do healing on your entire ancestral line and past life traumas, helping us to release fears and previous worries or issues concerning money. These helpers create an atmosphere of sheer abundance allowing you to remember how truly deserving you are to receive. 

Adapting these mindsets will help shift your consciousness and make you a magnet for confidence, peace, and prosperity in new refreshed ways. There is no right or wrong way to use this tool. All these Divinely Intelligent Angelic Upgrades happen with grace and ease at the individual's comfortable pace. The only thing I recommend you keep in the forefront of your practice is to ensure you are enjoying the process. Meet the Archangels in the Archangelology Book and Audio Series that are here to help you at this time. If you call on Gabriel, she/he will come, just as all of the Archangels will come to your assistance when beckoned. Spending time with Archangels creates a heavenly life.


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