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3 Game Changing Audios for you..

Switchwords brought to us by James Mangan are the Perfect addition to anything you want Success and to add a little Magic. Add these audios to anything you want to give a boost. Allow them to enhance your Abundance Program or a Healthy Eating Program, Exercise Program, Love Life, or You name it. Get Creative! Switchwords are Universal Success Magnets.  These Audios are filled with Solfeggio Frequencies to balance the mind, body, and spirit. Welcome to a profoundly relaxing creation experience.

Two of Kim's books Activate Your Abundance and How Green Smoothies Saved My Life has a chapter on the Switchwords as well for further study on the subject.

There are three full Switchword Audios.
Sample audio clips  Below. meditation


Love Charm

Love Charm is filled with Switchwords to Make you Magnetic to the Love You Desire and is also Charmed with Solfeggio Frequencies for an added Boost.

 Get yours Here  james mangan meditation

Regeneration Meditation

Regeneration Meditations is filled with Switchwords to make you Youthful, filled with Vitality and is surrounded with Solfeggio Frequencies. Get Yours Here james mangan

Radiating Divine love

Radiating Divine Love features Switchwords for Confidence, Self Empowerment and is filled with Solfeggio Frequencies. Get Yours Here  james mangan meditation